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Monday 13 July, 2015 | RSS Feed

The most suitable shampoo several times a week?

by Administrator

An elegant and beautiful hair, you should first be clean and tidy, no dirt, no dandruff, so clean hair is hair care in the most basic and most crucial step. So one week several suitable shampoo it? Experts suggest that, depending on the hair, seasonal and event space, a week need shampoo 4-7 times. Oily hair people, because the scalp oil secretion is very strong, sticky greasy hair was easy, once recommended daily shampoo. Grease residue on the hair long, if not promptly cleaned easily coated with dust, hair surface will be uneven, not only it looks bleak, but also in the actions and combing their hair, will directly increase the friction between the hair, lead to hair damaged hair, split ends or hair breakage. Follow the correct frequency of shampoo, shampoo not only remove dust, dirt and grease on the hair, but also effectively reduce the chance of hair breakage, split ends, making hair healthy, shiny look. Also, this is to keep hair healthy and most effective way to effectively control dandruff, because scientific evidence, dandruff and a microorganism, whereas the base of the scalp sebum accumulated, it would be the survival of these microorganisms naturally away dandruff troubles. Neutral or dry hair, it is recommended to clean 4-5 times one week, so you can make the hair more thick, shinier. In addition, the summer temperatures often rise or outdoor sports people, hair is more susceptible to strong UV and dust in the air of irritation, wash your hair every day becomes avoid damage, keep cool image indispensable He steps up.

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