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Thursday 09 July, 2015 | RSS Feed

Contraceptives shampoo more harm than good

by Administrator

In some universities and high school students "secret pop" play a recipe: It is said that contraceptives were pulverized into the water to wash your hair shampoo or incorporated in general can be made "magic shampoo" so you can make shampoo hair grow faster, and allows the glossy black hair, the reason is there are female hormones may promote hair growth. In some salon, it is also useful after pill crushed into powder mixed in shampoos shampoo thing. Heart of beauty in everyone, especially girls, wants to have a glossy black hair, can nutrition, water, conditioner prices are cheap in today's natural advocates, the pursuit of alternative personalized girls opinion not affordable. In this case, the Internet, turning fashion magazines looking for natural hair care, hair Partial convenience become first choice for many girls. The pill cheap, it is very affordable for students in a family. Zhaoqing a female university student Satsuki, recently cut a hairstyle very dissatisfied, then I look forward to quickly grow hair, good new hairdo. After asking around, finally got a "secret": Before each wash the pill pulverized and dissolved in hot water wash. But a week later, not much long hair, but hair loss phenomenon, people have become agitated. Listen to the experts how to say dermatologists warn that birth control pills containing estrogen, is a steroid, short-term use may indeed be due to the role of stimulating hair follicles to stimulate the metabolism to speed up. But the impact of the speed of hair growth is mainly by the body endocrine causes, "To do this to improve the quality and there is no scientific basis, often at the head of a large area of ??skin on the use of this hormone drugs can cause Head skin atrophy, this approach is worth the candle. "

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