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Monday 06 July, 2015 | RSS Feed

The whole process of charging the whole hair

by Administrator

1. before shampooing hair before combing the hair once, can remove surface dirt and unlock the tangles. Hair develop good habits every day under a hundred. 2. The hot water will make the hair surface squamous expansion appears tangled and dull color, make your hair dry and itchy. Therefore, warm water wash, because warm water can lock squamous surface, keep hair shiny. If you have clean hair after a burst of cold water again, it will make the hair more shiny. 3. twice shampoo. First shampoo removes grease and make accessories to type when the second shampoo can make hair more fluffy. 4. The non-foaming shampoo your hair may be due to not enough wet, then dip some water rather than plus more shampoo, soap too many things can damage the hair roots. 5. her hair, do hair all piled on top of his head, this will only increase the degree of entanglement of hair. 6. If your hair is dry, do not wash every day, just about every day, wet hair in the shower, then rinse and rinse care. First comb before shampooing holistic hair from the tail Shu Qi, action should be gentle. Comb hair pulled up into a ball did not open directly shampoo, hair will be damaged, and this action enables the hair of dirt floating on the surface, which will help purge. First with warm water to warm the hair, the hair will float on the surface of dirt, dust, and wash away residual fluid shape; the next will fall in the hands of shampoo, Qingcuo the foam, and then put on the hair. Listen not rub hair when hair should be clean fingertips to massage the scalp, attention is pulp not nails, nail scrub will hurt the scalp, hair foam fingers of people available to the tail. In warm water to rinse shampoo, especially behind the ears and collar the most easily overlooked, washed with a water flush mode when not rub with your fingers to pull hair. Depending on the hair may be, may cast cream rinse or conditioner, be careful not to wipe the scalp and hair roots, may be particularly vulnerable to strengthen hair tail, wait three minutes, flushing water cleaning again. Wet hair is very fragile at this time do not rub pull hair, wrap the hair with a towel pat dry the water, and then to dry hair dryer blowing to eighth.

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